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 Chaotic War Rules

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War Adjudicator

War Adjudicator

PostSubject: Chaotic War Rules   Sat Oct 26, 2013 10:14 am

Team Wars

Unless stated otherwise, the rules we follow for Team Wars are the following: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Team Creation

Teams must have a minimum of 4 members. The maximum team size is 9 members. When a team is created, a name and abbreviation must be specified. Neither can be inappropriate or break any of the rules of MCA. Additionally, neither can be in use by any other team. When a team is created, please list the leader and all members.

General Rules

  1. All wars are held in Advanced Format with no additional restrictions, unless agreed to by both teams.
  2. All duels are 2 of 3 matches, with side decking allowed.
  3. Both teams must have the same amount of players and subs.
  4. Players may only be subbed out with the officially listed subs, unless the other team allows an unlisted sub.
  5. For ruling disputes, please contact the Judge for your event.
  6. When a challenge is accepted, a thread will be created in the Chaotic Wars subforum. Please use that thread to keep track of match results, sub requests, and any issues.
  7. Hosting a duel without allowing watchers, or having a watcher password and not sharing it with the opposing team are forbidden and subject to punishment.


We will use two formats in this academy: Hearts and Double Crossfire.


  1. The minimum roster size is 3 and the maximum is 6. Hearts format does not have subs.
  2. The total number of hearts is equal to double the roster size.
  3. Players can challenge any opponent.
  4. When a player loses, their team loses 1 heart.
  5. The first team to reach 0 hearts loses.

Double Crossfire

  1. The minimum roster size is 3 and the maximum is 6. Double Crossfire must always include 2 subs.
  2. Each player and sub starts with 2 lives.
  3. Players can challenge any opponent.
  4. A player who loses 2 lives is eliminated
  5. Players with 1 life can only be subbed out for subs with 1 life. Players with no lives cannot be subbed out at all.
  6. The first team to have all their players eliminated loses.

Additional War Options

When a War is started, all of the following options must be specified in the first post. If one of the options is not specified, the War will not be approved until it is fixed.

Cardpool: TCG, OCG, DNCG. TCG refers to all cards currently released in the TCG territories. OCG refers to all cards released in OCG territories. DNCG refers to all cards that have been released anywhere.

Banlist: TCG, TCG+OCG, OCG. TCG refers to the current TCG banlist and TCG cardpool. These are hosted in Advanced Unrated. TCG+OCG refers to the TCG banlist and DNCG cardpool. These are hosted in Advanced Unrated. OCG refers to the OCG banlist. Due to the Dueling Network limitations, these must be hosted in Unlimited Unrated.

Deck Locking: Locked, Unlocked. If Locked is chosen, players that win a match must continue to use that exact same deck until they lose a match. In Unlocked, this restriction does not apply.

War Conduct

  • After each match, at least one player must report the results, with a screenshot. The opponent does not have to confirm but it is appreciated if they do.
  • If the banlist or any rules of the game change, the War continues with the initial banlist and ruleset.
  • Cards released after the war starts may not be used in that War.
  • Using an OCG exclusive card in a TCG game and vice versa results in a game loss. A Judge will then step in and resolve the situation.
  • If a Deck Locked player uses an incorrect deck, the result is a game loss. They then must switch to the correct deck.


  • For a War to be considered active, at least 1 match must be played every 5 days.
  • If 4 days have gone by without a match, an activity warning is issued. If a match is not played in the next 24 hours, the War is cancelled.
  • If a match is played after an activity warning, the War continues as normal. However, teams must now play a match every 2 days to show activity.
  • If a team is not active, screenshots must be provided to the Event Judge. Players who have not logged on for 24 hours or more are considered inactive. Additionally, players repeatedly refusing to play is dodging and shows inactivity.
  • If one team is shown to be inactive while the other is active, a loss will be awarded to the inactive team. If a team is awarded 3 losses by inactivity, they are no longer allowed to war for the current format.
  • If both teams are inactive, the war will be cancelled with no winner, and both teams will receive a warning for inactivity.


  • If a player needs to go during a duel, they forfeit that duel but can continue later if the match is still ongoing. If a player needs to leave during siding, they are not awarded a loss and the match continues from siding.
  • Any time a player leaves for any reason, they must send their Decklist to an Event Judge. If they fail to do so, they are not allowed to side when they return.
  • If you believe your opponent is intentionally breaking Deck Lock, please submit screenshots to an Event Judge.


  • Disconnections will always result in a game loss for the disconnecting player except in the following situations.
  • If it can be proven that the disconnecting player would win in that turn, they are awarded a win.
  • If both players disconnect at the same time, and neither has a clear advantage, neither is awarded a loss and they replay that game.
  • If disconnection happens during siding, no loss is awarded. The match will resume from siding.


In certain circumstances, additional punishments will be awarded. These can include a ban from warring on MCA, and other punishments as seen fit by the Staff. Actions such as playing a match for another player, intentionally editing your deck to counter other players while Locked, cheating, lying to an Event Judge or any other Staff, attempting to be on multiple teams simultaneously, and faking evidence will result in a war ban and possible additional punishment. All punishments are at the discretion of the Staff and are final unless stated otherwise.

Medieval Chaos Academy Rules @ Copyright [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

All Rights Reserved.
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Chaotic War Rules

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