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 Zander here.

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Puma Guardian

Puma Guardian

PostSubject: Zander here.   Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:56 pm

Apparently, thanks to Kaizer, everything for me is harder. Kaizer to me was a very good assistant and since we did lose her, I have to do all the things she's doing now until I find a suitable replacement for her, which is why I have to quit the academy and if you wish to delete my account, be my guest. It will be hard for me to find a new one since it is the middle of the semester but once I can find one quick, I will go back here and do my teaching duties.

As for Kaizer, I hope you can pray for her well being and for her to wake up again. Also, to those who know "Moji", she is the current one using her Skype since everyone in Kaizer's family is bothered but until then, let's all pray for her to recover and lastly, I'm already in my late thirties and I'm a neuro surgeon taking my masters in Business Administration (For legitimate confirmation).

I will see you guys in the future!
- Zander John
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Zander here.

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